The Doors of Life

I stared at the offer sitting before me. I’d been in this spot many times before, but the difference was: previously I’d smoked through accepting an offer and moved on to the next phase of my life without a second thought. But for some reason this one in particular felt like a big decision for … More The Doors of Life

A Day To Remember

It’s been a great week. So many things have happened and as a result I’ve quite successfully broken out of the low mood I’ve been harboring for the last few weeks. Going out for a nice lunch with my mother at a lovely restaurant on Mission Bay on Tuesday, when I returned home I thought … More A Day To Remember


The weatherman predicts significant fog in the afternoon as I proceed to make my daily cup of coffee… I came to the realization the other day that my magic was missing something. Don’t get me wrong for someone who has only been practicing the craft for 3 and a half years I’ve actually done pretty … More Fog

A Chance Encounter

Recently I’ve been going through some changes in my personality and behavior (refer to previous post). I wasn’t wrong in my prediction – real changes in my personality and behavior are starting to take shape and I’m very much liking where it’s going. The process is far from complete though. One of the things I’ve … More A Chance Encounter