Monkey/Journey to the West by Wu Ch’Eng-En – Book Review

Basic Information Monkey/Journey to the West, authored by Wu Ch’Eng-En and translated by Arthur Waley. The particular version I have is the Penguin Classics edition (Penguin Classics are AWESOME. Love them). Ordered off of Fishpond. Price Because it’s a Penguin Classic you can probably get your hands on a copy for $12-20NZD depending on where … More Monkey/Journey to the West by Wu Ch’Eng-En – Book Review

Happy by Derren Brown

Link to review on GoodReads (let me know if the link doesn’t work, haven’t linked from GoodReads before):   ***SPOILER ALERT***   I should preface this review with the blunt acknowledgement that I am a huge obsessive Derren fan-boy. My admiration for his contributions the fields of magic, mentalism, entertainment, and the performing arts … More Happy by Derren Brown


20 March 2017 – – – Another birthday. Another year older. I’m 23 years old today – I’ve officially aged another year. But through the events that unfolded throughout the day, it felt like I matured by 5 years. That’s not to suggest that the events themselves were significant, more my reactions to them and … More DARK


Hi hi Been a while, I realize. I’ve been busy. Yesterday I left my full-time job to pursue other interests in life. Ever since I knew I was going to leave, I had the beginnings of a poem in my head. Then 2 months ago, over the summer, I started to flesh it out. Seems … More REVOLT