Hallo all! I’ve been reading a few books lately that have begun to fundamentally shift the way that I view happiness & living a good true life that resonates both with who we are and who we deeply desire to become. Just thought I’d note down a few ideas that I’ve mined so far from … More Rainbow

Media Station

If it is clarity of mind and thought you seek Sources of media information you must delete We live in an overload of mindless thought From memes, to videos, to items bought It is clear to me the path to seek To discover a true version of the third eye’s vision Like a fast from … More Media Station


Being the appreciator of all things artsy, I’ve recently been thinking about certain artists whose music I follow extensively. One of the traits of certain hip hop artists in particular is the rate at which they release new material. Whether in the form of albums or mixtapes, there are certain artists who seem to always … More Churn


The world seems so cold, so damp, so bleak O’er light it seems darkness will always defeat  You see it in people, in houses, in streets A genuine smile – incredibly unique   The world will always seek to throw troubles at you But with a smile on your face you’ll always pull through   … More SMILE


I’ve always found it odd how people seem to be so uncomfortable with the idea of being alone with themselves. You see it all the time on the streets. If someone is not already with company, they have their head buried in their phone scrolling through news feeds. It becomes less and less of a … More Shield

Cherry Jam

I guess this is an appendix to the blog entry I wrote yesterday. It doesn’t expressly denounce anything I wrote; rather it adds a dimension to the discussion which I would have been unsatisfied with leaving out altogether. Leading on from the discussion of whether one does something ‘too extremely’ in their lives, I think … More Cherry Jam