Monkey/Journey to the West by Wu Ch’Eng-En – Book Review

Basic Information Monkey/Journey to the West, authored by Wu Ch’Eng-En and translated by Arthur Waley. The particular version I have is the Penguin Classics edition (Penguin Classics are AWESOME. Love them). Ordered off of Fishpond. Price Because it’s a Penguin Classic you can probably get your hands on a copy for $12-20NZD depending on where … More Monkey/Journey to the West by Wu Ch’Eng-En – Book Review

Happy by Derren Brown

Link to review on GoodReads (let me know if the link doesn’t work, haven’t linked from GoodReads before):   ***SPOILER ALERT***   I should preface this review with the blunt acknowledgement that I am a huge obsessive Derren fan-boy. My admiration for his contributions the fields of magic, mentalism, entertainment, and the performing arts … More Happy by Derren Brown


20 March 2017 – – – Another birthday. Another year older. I’m 23 years old today – I’ve officially aged another year. But through the events that unfolded throughout the day, it felt like I matured by 5 years. That’s not to suggest that the events themselves were significant, more my reactions to them and … More DARK


Hi hi Been a while, I realize. I’ve been busy. Yesterday I left my full-time job to pursue other interests in life. Ever since I knew I was going to leave, I had the beginnings of a poem in my head. Then 2 months ago, over the summer, I started to flesh it out. Seems … More REVOLT


Hallo all! I’ve been reading a few books lately that have begun to fundamentally shift the way that I view happiness & living a good true life that resonates both with who we are and who we deeply desire to become. Just thought I’d note down a few ideas that I’ve mined so far from … More Rainbow

Media Station

If it is clarity of mind and thought you seek Sources of media information you must delete We live in an overload of mindless thought From memes, to videos, to items bought It is clear to me the path to seek To discover a true version of the third eye’s vision Like a fast from … More Media Station