Hi hi Been a while, I realize. I’ve been busy. Yesterday I left my full-time job to pursue other interests in life. Ever since I knew I was going to leave, I had the beginnings of a poem in my head. Then 2 months ago, over the summer, I started to flesh it out. Seems … More REVOLT

A Day To Remember

It’s been a great week. So many things have happened and as a result I’ve quite successfully broken out of the low mood I’ve been harboring for the last few weeks. Going out for a nice lunch with my mother at a lovely restaurant on Mission Bay on Tuesday, when I returned home I thought … More A Day To Remember


Had a particularly interesting occurrence today. After many consecutive nights of sleeping at 3-4am and waking at no less than noon, this morning I woke up especially early to go to a friend’s place and partake in the watching of some mutual friends as they competed in an international powerlifting competition. Unfortunately for the lovely … More REM