Hallo all! I’ve been reading a few books lately that have begun to fundamentally shift the way that I view happiness & living a good true life that resonates both with who we are and who we deeply desire to become. Just thought I’d note down a few ideas that I’ve mined so far from … More Rainbow

Cherry Jam

I guess this is an appendix to the blog entry I wrote yesterday. It doesn’t expressly denounce anything I wrote; rather it adds a dimension to the discussion which I would have been unsatisfied with leaving out altogether. Leading on from the discussion of whether one does something ‘too extremely’ in their lives, I think … More Cherry Jam


Was having a talk with a good friend the other week about plans for the future and where they see themselves in a few years time. They mentioned wanting to be more confident, so I asked them what they planned to do to achieve that as I’ve been (as my regular readers would know) on … More Goals