The Doors of Life

I stared at the offer sitting before me. I’d been in this spot many times before, but the difference was: previously I’d smoked through accepting an offer and moved on to the next phase of my life without a second thought. But for some reason this one in particular felt like a big decision for … More The Doors of Life

Volunteering Part II

Ever since this experience I’ve been trying to decipher what it exactly was that helped to unlock the potential within this student. Of course I’m assuming that my help actually was the catalyst for this student’s positive growth – which I guess is a rather big claim – but I’m reasonably confident that, insufficient as … More Volunteering Part II

Volunteering Part I

I recently began volunteering at a local primary school near my house. I’ve helped out there before in a volunteering capacity: when I was an auditor, I was part of a volunteering project that went into primary schools to teach children about financial literacy and how to be better with money. Being the introverted and … More Volunteering Part I

A Home To Go To

I’m at University, walking across campus towards the bus stop to head home for the evening. I’ve just come out of the library after watching a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream as homework for one of my courses, and my head is filled with the various confused wonders and oddities that often … More A Home To Go To