Hi there! My name is Harry. It means a great deal to me that you’ve decided to invest your time reading my online ramblings.

This blog is an attempt to lay out my thoughts in an orderly fashion (much like a diary) so that it can clear the way for more creatively/intellectually potent ideas, refine existing thoughts/ideas, and indirectly to leave a part of me online – like a digital horcrux, I guess you could say (for any of you Harry Potter fans).

Stay. Read. Comment. Share. Profit






DISCLAIMER: Do note that this is my personal blog. It is a home for my personal views and perspectives of this world and this wonderful life; and it certainly doesn’t come to represent the views of any firms that I currently or previously have worked with or for. So please do bear that in mind as you traverse the oddities of my introspective writings. This disclaimer is a blanket statement that applies to all my entries on this blog.

COPYRIGHTS: Unless otherwise explicitly indicated or alluded to in individual posts themselves, all creative pieces of writing on this blog that are original in nature are subject to copyrights. All original pieces created on this blog are mine and remain mine until further notice. If there are any pieces which are not mine originally, I will – as far as I am able – point this out, and will include a reference to the creator where I am able to. There will be some instances where I will have included an idea from another creator as part of a non-fictional discussion in one of my posts, these cases are not covered under the content in this paragraph. Copyrights only apply to fictional writings created by me. I will do my best to reference everything that is not originally mine where possible.


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