Hi hi

Been a while, I realize. I’ve been busy.

Yesterday I left my full-time job to pursue other interests in life. Ever since I knew I was going to leave, I had the beginnings of a poem in my head.

Then 2 months ago, over the summer, I started to flesh it out.

Seems particularly fitting to post this officially for the first time the day after I left my job – so, here it is. It’s called REVOLT (A Fall From Grace) – hope you all enjoy it!

Feel free to share if you would like.




When the Heavens part in fury
Spat forth are dark angels; their descent towards Earth:
Propelled by winds of change – the almighty fall from grace.
Gaia, with outstretched arms, catches
And cradles their nestled faces.
Turning the tides, she gently rocks them from their daze.
With broken wings to mend, upwards they blinkingly gaze –
Like Chaos spawning from Fate, the awakening unfolds;
A revolt
A revolution
A new age dawns.
The birth of an elusive empire, divinely ordained.
Never to be seen, never to be heard,
Entombed within the royal fabric of time itself, to be forever felt:
Heaven’s glory reclaimed –
Darkness prevails once again




Copyright: Harry Seth, 2017


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