The world seems so cold, so damp, so bleak

O’er light it seems darkness will always defeat

 You see it in people, in houses, in streets

A genuine smile – incredibly unique


The world will always seek to throw troubles at you

But with a smile on your face you’ll always pull through


Smile when it seems all is hopelessly lost

With a smile on your face your troubles will surely defrost


Always smile for those that want to see you fail

A smile seals their coffin with that final nail

A smile shows them that you’re not giving in

It shows them that your patience is far from wearing thin


A smile shows you’re calm and full of delight

It acts like a beacon – strong and bright

A smile shows courage and strength of spirit

It shows that under pressure you’ll never be shifted


A smile can do much to ease someone’s soul

It provides a warm glow to a friend’s weary resolve  

A smile is so potent, so warm, so open

It extends a warm welcome to a heart that is frozen

No one understands why there’s magic in a smile

But it’s magical no doubt – so do so for a while


The world could use the warmth of a smile



-By Harry Seth (2016)


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