A Day To Remember

It’s been a great week. So many things have happened and as a result I’ve quite successfully broken out of the low mood I’ve been harboring for the last few weeks.

Going out for a nice lunch with my mother at a lovely restaurant on Mission Bay on Tuesday, when I returned home I thought to myself what a great restaurant it was and how it would be great to do magic for a restaurant like that. This inspired me to write up a killer cold call script, which I used successfully to secure a magic job interview at a restaurant in the city next weekend, which really perked up my mood.

Then later on that evening my brother returned home and informed me that he was going a long to see Rise Against that evening at the Auckland Town Hall. Not being usually all that spontaneous and feeling like I needed to further break out of my rut I though screw it and bought a ticket. The show was MAGNIFICENT! Absolutely killer – will see them again for sure!

After that I remembered that another band that I quite like – A Day To Remember – were in town to perform a show yesterday evening (Thursday). Following my spontaneous streak, I bought a ticket and went a long. The show was indescribably great for so many reasons; all day today I was still buzzing about how great the show was and am already looking forward to seeing them live again.

First off, I simply knew more songs and more words to each song which made the live song much much more enjoyable. Also, my recent low mood was to a large extent triggered by the postponing of the holiday I was supposed to go on at this time (I had planned to go back to the UK to visit my flatmates). It’s especially odd that this was the band that happened to be in town at this time because, back when I was in the UK, whenever I was feeling low or homesick ADTR were the band that I’d plug into to remedy the situation (coincidentally the album I most listened to for this was called ‘Homesick’). So seeing them live to remedy my low mood for not being back in the UK was quite fitting, and from my perspective quite poetically resonant an occurrence – which made the show all the more special.

Reflecting back now that the gigs are over and done with, I can’t believe that for a second I was actually considering whether or not to get a ticket! Both shows were absolutely fantastic! Live concerts are amazing – and I’m pretty sure are the thing that kicked off my love of the performing arts (see my very first post from earlier in the year). I can always tell that I thoroughly enjoyed a show when the next day I’m thinking about what I was doing the day before, and at what point the band comes on etc. Which is what I was doing all throughout today thinking about the ADTR concert yesterday. Also, I’m already thinking about the next time I’d be able to see them (seriously considered following them to Oz for their shows there but I probably wont do that). Brilliant show – absolutely magical! Listening to their music as I write this, I keep catching myself thinking to myself: ‘this song was awesome live – sucks that the show is over!’

I’ve also come to the realization that what I love above others in this life (and I used to think this was seeing magic live) is seeing live performance. Theater, stage, concerts, magic, music, performance etc. as long as it’s live and I connect to the material then this is what I like. Living and breathing art being actively performed and created is what I love to be a part of and witnessing. And maybe, one day, I can play a bigger part in that process and be the one to create the art for others to appreciate. But that’s long term.

What a tremendous week; yesterday was a great day. *Insert fitting ending sentence wittingly containing the entry title*

P.S: Cover photo not mine. It was a photo taken by someone (not myself) from the gig and posted onto the Facebook page of the event. NOT MY PICTURE


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