So I recently left my office job to focus on my upcoming last set of exams, upon the completion of which I will travel and then return to begin full time work with a different firm. I’m quite sad about this – the company I have been working with for the past 10-11 months I’ve grown very fond of. The people are so wonderful.

It was this bittersweet sadness which got me thinking about the point of sadness, depression, grief, and related states of low energy. If you subscribe to the dualism model of human nature, then what I’m talking about is the energetic state which is yielding and soft rather than the opposite which is aggressive and hard, so to speak (that’s what she said). Think of the Yin-Yang dualism principle for another parallel.

As an example recently I took a sustained amount of time off my pursuit of magic for about 3 months. Previously I had been hustling quite intensively for about 6-7 months.

Now that I’m back into magic I realize that I’ve picked up a lot since my last venture into magic even though I’ve done close to nothing.

So I theorize that the point of this yielding energy is as a form of unconscious consolidation of all the experiences, lessons, and gained intelligence that went into and before that state. So that when you eventually emerge from this cocoon (and you will) you will emerge evolved, new, and improved ready to take on the world. Think of the cyclical nature that’s described in the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell.

More importantly it is a state that gives rise to a new equilibrium in the individual. After going through an experience you break down on some level, rest and recuperate, then emerge healed and improved. Think of people who go to the gym – the point of rest days are a chance for muscles to recover and rebuild so that their potential for future growth improves. Our mental states work in the same way – the brain is a physical organ at the end of the day. Our thoughts and abstract consciousnesses are a projection of this physical and secular body part, so naturally it must follow that it functions in much the same way as our other physical organs to in response to trauma.

I guess this is why high achievers always say that the path to improvement lies outside your comfort zone. Because outside your comfort zone there will always be a new experience and hence a new trauma for you to take in, process, and develop with regards to following the above logic.

Even though it sucks at the time it’s nice to know that in times of yielding energy that there is a point to it. And that ultimately I’ll grow stronger from it.

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