How I Clean My Room

Sometimes when I’m cleaning my room I’ll find something that I haven’t looked at for years and this inevitably leads to me getting nostalgic. Then I’ll just sit there and think about childhood memories for ages.

After a while I’ll inevitably think upon a sad childhood memory which I don’t really like thinking about because of how sad it makes me. Then randomly out of nowhere my mind instantly flashes to that scene in Harry Potter 6 where Snape is training Harry to block Voldemort out from his memories, and I replay Snape’s voice saying “feeling sentimental?” in that condescending sneer that Alan Rickman did so well in the movie. Then I reply with: “that’s private!” and then Snape replies with “not to me and not to the Dark Lord if you don’t improve!”

Then I sit there in silence for half an hour in my messy room and think about how morbidly shit I am at defending myself against the dark arts.

Generally this is when I decide to wrap up my cleaning session.


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